Date Subject Preview
03/06/2023 Senior Civil Police Officer was arrested Download
31/05/2023 TRAP - Electrical Inspector was arrested Download
23/05/2023 Village Field Assistant was arrested Download
20/05/2023 OPERATION CLEAN CORP Download
17/05/2023 TRAP - Agriculture Officer was arrested Download
05/05/2023 CONVICTION - Former Panchayath Secretary was convicted Download
05/05/2023 Municipality Asst. Engineer was arrested Download
19/04/2023 Site Manager of the Integrated Tribal Development Project Office was arrested Download
13/4/2023 OPERATION DELTA - Widespread irregularities detected in the Jalanidhi Project. Download
11/04/2023 Head Clerk of Manchery Sub Registrar Office was arrested Download
29/03/2023 Panchayath Overseer was arrested Download
27/03/2023 Special Village Officer was arrested Download
24/03/2023 Agriculture Assistant was arrested Download
21/03/2023 Vigilance DYSP was arrested Download
17/03/2023 First Grade Thaluk Surveyor was arrested. Download
03/03/2023 Municipal Secretary and Office Attendant was arrested Download
02/03/2023 Veterinary Doctor was arrested Download
01/03/2023 Thaluk Hospital Doctors were arrested Download
27/02/2023 Conviction - Public Health Center U D Clerk Download
25/02/2023 Village Field Assistant was arrested. Download
24/02/2023 OPERATION CMDRF (Contd..) Download
22/02/2023 OPERATION CMDRF Download
14/02/2023 Conviction - Former Cashier and Peon of Chavakkad Municipality were convicted Download
13/02/2023 Village Officer and Senior Clerk was arrested. Download
10/02/2023 Village Extension Officer was arrested Download
09/02/2023 Forest Range Officer was arrested Download
06/02/2023 Doctor was arrested Download
31/01/2023 Police Sub Inspector and his Agent was arrested Download
28/01/2023 Panchayat Assistant Engineer was arrested Download
20/01/2023 Tahasildar was arrested Download
18/01/2023 OPERATION OVERLOAD - 2 Download
12/01/2023 Police Sub Inspector was arrested Download
09/01/2023 Conviction - Convicted Sales Tax Officer Download
04-01-2023 TRAP - Village Field Assistant was arrested Download
01-01-2023 Inauguration of the revamped website of VACB Download
01-01-2023 TRAP - Broke previous year's records in Vigilance Traps in 2022 Download
29-12-2022 TRAP - Office Attendant was arrested Download
28-12-2022 Conviction - Post Office Woman Agent was convicted Download
22-12-2022 Trap - Doctor arrested while accepting Bribe Download
22-12-2022 OPERATION SUBHIKSHA Download
20-12-2022 CONVICTION - Former Clerk in RTO Download
15-12-2022 OPERATION PUNCHIKIRAN - 2 Download
13-12-2022 Office Attendant was arrested while accepting bribe for Sub-Registrar Download
12-12-2022 Panchayat Secretary was arrested while accepting bribe Download
07-12-2022 Veterinary Doctor was arrested while accepting bribe Download
03-12-2022 E-GOVERNANCE AWARD Download
19-11-2022 Conviction Download
19-11-2022 Panchayat Secretary and Panchayat L D Clerk were arrested Download
15-11-2022 OPERATION PUNCHI KIRAN Download
10-11-2022 Asst. Engineer was arrested Download
04-11-2022 Govt. Doctor was arrested Download
02-11-2022 TRAP - Legal Metrology Deputy Controller was arrested Download
31-10-2022 Vigilance Awareness Week Download
26-10-2022 Village Field Assistant was arrested Download
25-10-2022 Kottappuram Chittanda Village Officer was arrested Download
22-10-2022 Corruption Free Kerala - Motor Bike Rally Download
22-10-2022 OPERATION GUNA VAKTHA Download
17-10.2022 CORRUPTION FREE KERALA Download
11-10.2022 Village Field Assistant was arrested Download
29-09.2022  Konnathady Village Officer was arrested Download
20-09.2022 Former Village Extn. Officer and former Addl. Tehsildar were Convicted Download
23-02-2022 The Vigilance Court convicted former Spl. Secretry of Chunkathara Grama Panchayath Download
18-02-2022 Surprise Check at Chalai Sub-Registrar Office Download
15-02-2022 Kerala Water Authority Asst. Engineer was arrested Download
14-02-2022 Kadapra Panchayat Senior Clerk was arrested Download
09-02-2022 Revenue Inspector in Alappuzha Municipality was arrested Download
04-02-2022 Doctor in Perinthalmanna District Hospital was arrested Download
29-01-2022 M G University Assistant was arrested Download